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Pilot Program
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Pilot Program


From Tether to Feather  
Miami hang gilding's Pilot Program is your entry into the world of modern hang gliding and solo flight. Our tandem instruction offers an accelerated way to learn and perfect the skills necessary to launch, fly and land a hang glider solo. Get a bird's eye view of Miami and the keys, - The way they where meant to be seen by water and by air. 

On the protected waters of Miami’s Biscayne Bay our custom designed boat will tow you and our certified instructor safely into the air. When released from the towline  at over 1,000 feet,  you will literally glide across  s the air as light as a feather

16 Training Flights Over 1,000 Feet 

Under the supervision of a USHGA certified instructor, in the most advanced training program hang gliding has to offer, you will learn to launch, fly, and land a hang glider on water.

 Practical instruction includes:

  •  Launch Technique
  • Pitch Control
  • Roll Control
  • In Flight Maneuvers
  • Approach Methods for Landing
  • Solo Landing Technique 

Upon passing a practical evaluation by your instructor, you will be ready for Solo Flight.

Ground School

Through hands on training, a USHGA Certified Instructor teaches you the principle of hang gliding.

In a classroom setting you learn:

  • Hang glider components and terminology

  • Set up and break down of a hang glider

  • Equipment safety including: Pre-flight, Hang Check and Pre-Launch Techniques

  • Basic Aerodynamics

  • Micro

  • Ground Handling

  • Weight Shift training on a hang glider simulator

In Shop Viewing of Hang Gliding Training Videos

These videos are designed to reinforce your flight training and ground school.  Come in and watch as often as you like.

  Test and Certification

Miami Hang Gliding is USHGA-Certified Hang Gliding School. At the end of Level I and Level II, you will take written USHGA certification tests that will qualify you for your USHGA rating. Any incorrect answers will be fully explained by an instructor. USHGA Certification and solo flights are contingent on pilot performance.


     Pilot Program, Level I and II Combined.......................$1,695.00
** All classes are by appointment – Bring swimsuit, sunscreen and towel*** 

A friend may ride on the boat free of charge


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