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Pre-Land Program
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Introductory Class
Level I Program
Level II Program
Pre-Land Program
Pilot Program


After you have successfully completed the Level I and II programs, you will have a basic ability to fly solo under the guidance of an instructor. The Pre-Land course is designed to refine your solo skills and prepare you to fly in more challenging conditions over land. The combination of solo and booster flights with the instructor will improve your competence in existing skills, and begin development of new skills. This course should be augmented with further Ground School and Video training. Principle Instruction  will consist of 12 Training flights over water.         

  •  Refine Basic Skills

  • Launch

        Proper Airspeed

        Stable Tracking

  •       Approach  

        Set Up into the Wind

        Smooth Transition

        No Heading Changes

  •     Landing

        Proper Airspeed

        Hand Position

        Round Out

  •  Flare

  •  In Flight Maneuvers

  • 360 Turns

        Left and Right,

        Constant Airspeed and Bank Angle

  •       Flight Plan  

        "S" Turn Approach

        Proper Landing Technique

        Flare Timing

  •     Booster Flight With Instructor


  •  Refine Towing Skills


                   Crosswind Take Off - 45 - 90

                   45 Turns on Tow Left and Right

                    Strengthen on tow performance

  • "S" Turn Approach and Spot Landing


  •  Pre-Land Final


                 1 Long Flight

                   1 Short Flight (500 feet)

                   Booster Flight with Instructor

  • Cover All Skills

  • Make up on Weak Areas

Pre-Land Program ...................................................$440.00

(or rent at a per flight rate of $45  /  short flight $30  /  instructor supervised booster flight $80)

*** All classes are by appointment Bring swimsuit, sunscreen and towel*** 

A friend may ride on the boat free of charge


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